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hey hats hey hats

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Holy shit!

This beat is fucking SICK! I will agree with the person below me however, it is a little bit repetetive at some points. But overtime it dosent even matter. The feel of this beat makes up for everything. Keep up the good work man!

Roast Beef (album pre-release) Roast Beef (album pre-release)

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I hope you don't actually plan on putting a Bubba Sparxxx beat mixed with your shitty lyrics on an album. Make your own beats dumbass.

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Jeffro-Puff responds:

Easy, gunner! It's a remix. The original has a similar chord progression and tempo. this -=remix=- obviously never made it to final cut. A guy in my studio was dicking around and made it. If you think the lyrics are shitty, fine. My shit is supposed to be funny but not everyone will think so. That's okay. P.S. I do make my own beats and can't post my retail cuts online - dumbass.